Thursday, February 28, 2008

Max's appointment Update

Well, it was actually for Tim and I since Max doesn't go yet, but I wanted to let everyone know how it went. First off, I really liked the doctor. She asked a ton of questions about his behaviors, how he was as a baby, my pregnancy, and family histories. Tim was awesome and gave tons of input. I was pleasantly surprised by his participation.

A few things mentioned led her to question OCD, but I told her although I can see the tendencies, I do not think he has it. He isn't crazy about things, just kinda picky about a few things. She also mentioned bi-polar because he has low lows and high highs, but because of no family history, at least that I know of, it isn't likely. I certainly hope not!! That would be my biggest fear I think. Anyway, he goes next week for an hour two different days. If she needs a third session we have that scheduled for the following week. She wants to do an IQ test because he seems so intelligent as well as the testing necessary to figure out if he has ADHD, something else, or is just a little more than normal. She said it will involve a lot of play and fun things to keep him interested because he is so young. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it. After his sessions are done, Tim and I meet with her again to discuss her findings.

Tim was off today so he let me sleep until 4pm. Yes, you read that right. And I'm used to him waking me up at 10pm so when he told me it was 4 I was thinking I missed work. I freaked out, but then realized it was still the afternoon. Boy did I need that. We picked the kids up and the 3 boys got haircuts. Max looks so handsome and Alex actually sat still this time. Tomorrow is the big day for me. I can't wait!! It has been so long since I've had highlights. I'll try to get Max to take a picture for me so I can share with you.

For now I have to catch up on some TV so I can head to work for the last time this week. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update on the sickies!

Alex does in fact have a double ear infection. I took him in Monday afternoon and it didn't take the doctor long to find it. Poor baby! No wonder he wasn't sleeping. Tim picked up Max from school that day so I didn't have to take them both. When Alex and I got home, Max says to me "Mommy, my neck hurts" pointing to his throat. GRRR! I should have taken them both. Anyway, I checked his throat and sure enough his tonsils were swollen and he had a spot on one of them. I decided to give it another day and see what happened. Yesterday when I picked him up the spot was still there and he said it still hurt. So, back to the pediatrician's office and this time I had to take them both. What a nightmare! It ended up just being something viral, but she told him he could eat popsicles because it would make his throat feel better. She basically call the "spot" a sore and that if he didn't ever get a fever he would be fine. GRR! Wasted evening of hell with the boys, but at least I know it isn't something that he can pass to Tim, turning Tim into the biggest baby of all time. That man doesn't handle strep well at all ;) Love you honey!!

Today we have the appointment with the psychologist where just Tim and I get to answer questions about Max. Then they'll take it from there to have him evaluated. I hope it goes ok, but I'm sure it will. I'm also signing Max up for gymnastics at the local gymnasium today. Classes start next week and he is going to love it. 45 minute classes and I'm trying to get him in 2 times per week. I think it will be really good for him. If he likes it, we'll keep at it. All of the males in the house need haircuts too so we'll probably do that tonight as well. Tim is off tomorrow and I'd hate to ruin his day "alone" by scheduling something. Friday I go to get mine trimmed and highlighted. I can't wait!!! It's been over a year.

I'm out for now because I have a ton to do around the house this morning, but I'll update when I know how things go this afternoon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just saying HI!

The boys are still doing really well in their new rooms. Max absolutely loves his and Alex seems to be sleeping a little longer now that he can't hear so many noises.

I do think Alex is sick again. Not sure if it's just teething or an ear infection or something else, but he was up all night last night. Crying and tossing and turning so I'm guessing it has to be something causing him pain. I plan on calling soon to get him in this afternoon if I can.

Tim had to go in to work really early this morning so I took the boys to school. I assumed that since I was home Max would have a hard time being dropped off, but I was quite pleasantly surprised. His teacher asked him when we got there if he was hungry. He didn't answer right away so I reminded him that she asked him a question. He said 'No thank you" and went about his business. His "business" happened to be his little girlfriend Megan. They play together all the time and from what I've been told they like holding hands and stuff like that. It's adorable, as long as that's as far as it goes. I think because he has such a strong personality he really gets along better with all of the girls than he does the boys, but Megan is special for whatever reason. So cute!!

Tim's mom is coming to visit this coming weekend. It's her birthday on Sunday and she wants to spend it with her boys. Tim promised to get off work if he can so I think she'll be happy about that. I forgot though, Rusty also said he wanted to come down that weekend and was just waiting to find out what his schedule looked like. I don't mind if they all show. Makes life easier for me when there are more people around. I guess less bored and thus less stressed. Plus, the extra hands to help with the boys is awesome! Haha!!

I work tonight and it's the beginning of 4 in a row. I hate the thought of working all week long, but I do love the back-to-backs because at least for a few days my body can sorta be normal. I won't get much sleep on Wednesday though because Tim and I have an appointment with the psychologist to begin the process of having Max tested. Thursday he is off from work so I should be able to catch up that day if I need to. Friday I'm getting my hair highlighted and trimmed. I can't wait. It's been over a year since I got highlights and I've had quite a few greys popping through lately.

Other than the busy week ahead, there isn't much else to talk about. I'm sure I'll be around some this week though!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Funny pictures and a bedroom switcheroo!

Did I mention this already? I decided to put Max in Alex's room and vice versa. Max needs the bigger room and bed, and he sleeps sounder so with him touching our wall, the TV won't wake him up like it does Alex. I finally did it this week and they both seem to be doing great. I got pictures of the new rooms, but they need some decorating. I also got some awesome pictures of the boys being very silly!!

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Alex's bed is a trundle so the mattress is in the drawer and I just took off the board that holds it up when it's the correct way. Sides so he can't fall out, and more cozy since he was so tiny in the bigger bed!

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

K, off for now so I can get some housework done. (Yeah, I realize you know me better than that, but I had to make it sound good) I'll be around this weekend I'm sure!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No More Updates!!!

Every time I open my mouth I end up eating them. Shortly after I posted yesterday I got a call from school that Max was out of control. Usually they take him into the office when he's having a tantrum and he calms down. But yesterday was different. He was hitting at the director, hitting himself, throwing chairs, etc. I told her I would come in and talk to him since he refused to talk to me on the phone. About the time I was walking out the door she called back and said he was fine. He calmed right down and wanted to talk to me now. I know he doesn't want to be this way, and he's sorry afterwards, he just can't help it. Ugh!! How frustrating.

Anyway, I finally convinced Tim that he needs to be evaluated. With my strong family history of ADHD, its probably more likely than not that this is our issue. I want to do what we can to help Max succeed in life and if he can't control himself, even when he wants to, he isn't going to get very far. Sad considering how bright he is. I called Tim's boss's wife about it this morning. She is a wealth of knowledge because they are dealing with the same issues with her son who is now 6 or 7. She had some great input on what doctors to call, in what order, and fortunately she has the same insurance we do, so I know it will all be covered. The short time that I spoke with her on the phone gave me such hope because she said her son is a completely different child now. I'm hoping to make some appointments over the next few days. I just need to get Tim's schedule first. I'd hate for him to have to miss something important at work.

I have also decided, and he agreed, that we need to start doing date night. At least once a month we need to go out and focus on US so we don't lose each other in the constant battle with day to day life. Hopefully we can get started on that soon. It's just hard with me working so many nights a week. That leads me to wonder if I was wrong in switching to 8 hour shifts. I worked so much less when I was doing 12s, but I was also miserable. I guess it's a matter of figuring out which is the lesser of two evils and then hoping my boss will understand if I do change my mind again.

I guess that's all for now. I need to go get the kiddos soon and I'm still in PJs since I worked last night. Ooh, I need to get pictures, but I switched the boys rooms last night. I wanted Max's room next to ours because he sleeps sounder and our TV booms through the wall. Not sure how it went since they were gone before I got home, but before I left for work last night they both seemed to be doing great. Max LOVES having a bigger room and a bigger bed!! Now I just have to transfer clothes over.

I'm out....Later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm back

And the sickies seem to be gone. Alex is still coughing a little, but nothing like he had over the weekend. I finally have a day to myself with no kids, no work, and nothing to do but screw around on the internet....oh, and clean the house. I have laundry to do as usual, picking up toys, and tidying up the kitchen.

We had a really rough weekend with Max. He was whiny, throwing temper tantrums, not listening, sticking his tongue out. It was very trying and I seriously thought I was going to lose it. Tim said he did better Monday morning so I thought that meant he was on the upswing. Haha, not. Bad day at school! He couldn't keep his hands to himself, more tantrums, the works. We had a long talk Monday night. I told him he could go to Gym-n-it on Tuesday, but if he didn't learn to keep his hands to himself and behave, there would be no more gym-n-it. Well, guess that worked because he was good yesterday. He couldn't wait to get there today and promised he would keep his hands to himself. I don't expect him to be perfect everyday, but something has to change overall, or mommy's going to lose it.

I finally finished Raising your Spirited Child this weekend as well. AWESOME book for anyone that has spirited kids. She talks about about temperament which is something new in the behavioral world from what I understand. It really touched me and I do think we can work together as a family to make life work!!! I ended up ordering two more books on Amazon, one of hers and another that was highly recommended for people who liked her books. Tim and I need to work hard at changing things to help Max adapt, but that makes it easier for him to change too, so it's worth it.

Alex is funny as all heck lately. He is talking more and more. He likes to point out eyes, nose, mouth, ears, but he usually ends up trying to put his finger through your eye. OUCH!! Speaking of ouch, that's his new favorite phrase. That and MINE. He is a happy kid most of the time, but he can definitely compete with Max for tantrum throwing. I fear for what he'll be like when he gets older. I do love that he can communicate pretty well though, because I think that helps keep some tantrums away. He is just really cute most of the time though. He'll ask for a kiss, give you one, and then say AWWW. It's so adorable. I need to get it on video. Video of Alex and pictures of Max. Both are hard to come by lately, but I'm sure it's because I've been so tired.

Ok, off now to start working on the house. Have a great hump day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poor Alex

So, he seemed better this morning when he got up. Only mild coughing and he didn't sound like he was barking anymore. He had an ok morning and by lunchtime was ready for a nap. I laid him down and he was out within 2 minutes. He woke up coughing like a barking seal again though. He's miserable now, kinda hoarse sounding, and definitely cranky. This is probably going to turn out to be a very long day. Max had a meltdown just before I put him down for his nap, but if he sleeps good, he should wake up ok. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thankfully Tim is off tomorrow so at least I'll have some help. I sooooo miss family days because it seems like forever since we were all home and didn't have anything to do.

I'm off for now, to play with Alex and try to keep him happy!! Have a great weekend.

Give me a break, I'm sleep deprived!

Ooops!! As you may have noticed I posted the boys valentine's card twice. I swear I was saving it to do Valentine's day but I guess I didn't. That's what I get for not going over past days. I didn't get much sleep this week though with Max being sick, working, doorbells ringing and stuff like that.

I did get canceled last night which I was really excited about. But then 15 minutes later Alex woke up with croup sounding cough. GRR!! So I slept with him all night because I was worried about his breathing. He seems fine this morning though. I'm hoping he stays ok all day and gives me a chance to get some work done. I don't mind if he's sick again tonight because Tim will be home. Woohoo!!

I'm off to get my day started but hopefully I'll make it back later!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I don't have much to talk about today, mostly because I'm tired, but I wanted to show the card I made for the boys to give their teachers. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chalk one up for Mommy!

Don't get me wrong, Tim is an awesome dad, but I think sometimes it's easier for him to just bring Max home than it is to leave him at daycare when he's freaking out. I had to take the kids in today and he pulled the same crap again. Totally my fault because I got us started off on the wrong foot by sleeping in. I rushed everyone and even had the nerve to let Alex win the race to get dressed game. Oops!! But I had to pin him down so waiting until Max got his last sock on first wasn't really a priority.

Anyway, half way to school he wanted to go home and get juice to drink. I told him he could have some when we got to school. In the parking lot, he wasn't getting out of the van so I left him there and ran Alex in, handed Alex off at the door and ran back out. By the time I got there he was turning off the TV and getting out, but I think I really pissed him off. He came inside with me, but was VERY clingy and kept saying he didn't want to stay and wanted to go home. Um NO!! Mommy doesn't get enough alone time and he wasn't going to ruin the one day I do get this week. I unwrapped his arms from my waist and handed him off to his teacher, who was awesome during the whole situation. I bolted and told the director on my way out to call me if he didn't calm down. However I was sure, based on his history at Naila's house a few years back, that he would be fine as soon as I left. No call from daycare leads me to believe he's fine.

I'll admit I have tons more motivation to leave him there than Tim, because I get to sleep if he's there. Hopefully Tim will read this and realize leaving him isn't the end of the world and after a few minutes he'll probably be glad he stayed. Guess I should have thought of that the first time he came home so I could mention it. I went through this routine every morning for almost a year at Naila's house and Tim didn't have to deal with that so it's new to him too. Plus the stress of having to get to work. Anyway, not to beat a dead horse, I was mean mommy and made Max stay put!

On a brighter note, when this happened on Monday I made an appointment with the pediatrician for a "behavioral consult." I realize Max is a boy and may not want to talk to us for that reason alone, but I also want a professional involved in case there is something more than just being spirited and overtired. I'm hoping they can helps us learn to get Max to open up more so we can figure out if there is something wrong at school, or home, that makes him so unhappy. Getting to the bottom of it will hopefully help us correct our behavior to help match Max's. Does that even make sense? Tim is picking the kids up early and going with me which I'm so grateful for. I think going as a family is going to help ensure success, no matter which route we end up having to take.

I should do this tomorrow, but just in case I don't find time to update, here is the valentine's card I made for the boys' teachers. I thought it turned out pretty cute!!

Hmm, it's a little blurry, but I think that's because I had to adjust the size. You can still get the idea though.

I'm out for now so I can get some reading done and take a nap, but I'll be around this weekend if not sooner!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where did I leave off?

Oh yeah, before naptime. Hmm, things got much rougher after naps. Neither of them slept long so I knew it would be a long evening. At one point Max asked if he could go upstairs and watch Willy Wonka. Heck Yeah!! So I put it on for him and Alex decided to stay up there with him. A bit later Max came down and was asking for cartoons in the basement again. I said that was fine, but he had to go get Alex. Next thing I know I can hear Max puking through the baby monitor. I rushed upstairs thinking he was sicker than he seemed only to find out that Alex "did something gross to the chair." I started panicking thinking it was poop or something. Phew, I was lucky. It was just caramel dip from McDonalds. It was all over the front of Alex, drizzled all over the chair cover on the kitchen chair and spots on the floor. Max has such a weak stomach I guess that grossed him out. It didn't bother me, but it sure was sticky to clean up. Alex still smells like caramel and I've given him two Popsicles since then. I know, I'm a terrible mother, but his teeth hurt him and the Popsicles make him feel better. At least that's what I tell myself.

Anyway, diverting any more crisis, Max played on his Smart Cycle and V-smile and I put Alex to bed. Since then, Max is watching cartoons while playing with my hair. His favorite thing to do. I even bribed him to pick up some toys by telling him he could have chocolate milk. Bad mommy award again, I know, but I had to get through the last few hours of this weekend somehow.

Since I posted pictures of Alex earlier, I thought it only fair to show off Max a bit. I got a cute video of him dancing this morning and Tim got one the other day of him playing his guitar and singing. He isn't very good, but we love him anyway!!

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

I'm sure I could write tons more since this is my only adult conversation today, but I really need a nap before work tonight. I'm going to lay down now and hope Tim gets home soon to put Max to bed. Thanks for reading today and hopefully I'm in a better mood the next time you hear from me.

New rule!

Tim can't work weekends anymore when I'm home. These kids are making me crazy. Max still has a bit of a fever until I medicate him. When he is feverish, he's a whiny-butt. Alex is clingy and teething and driving me up the wall. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself. Not that I've been able to in the last 4 years, but it's getting worse. He screams anytime I leave his sight.

Also, his new favorite word is "Mine" and he uses it anytime Max has something in his hands. If it is Alex's I feel bad and make Max give it to him, but half the time it's not even his. This is all going to end soon, right?? If Alex is as bad at 2 as Max was, I'm not sure I'm going to make it through the next 2 years. I'll be in the loony bin for sure.

Otherwise things are going well this weekend. Considering it's freezing and blowing outside and we are cooped up in the house. They do have awesome moments of playing alone or with each other. I got a great video of Max dancing to Lazy Town. It's still on the camera though so I'll have to post it later. He is such a ham. Here are a few pictures I took the other day.....


Max hamming it up!

Yes, his hair is definitely red!! It's not the lighting.

Friday, February 8, 2008

We have the sickies!!

Alex doesn't seem to be sick, but I'm sure it's right around the corner. He is definitely teething because I can see several swollen spots on his gums. He's been pulling on his ears and miserable so hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

The sickies are all from Max. Tim called me this morning (unfortunately I was in a mandatory meeting) to tell me Max couldn't go to school today and I needed to hurry home so he could get to work. He had a fever last night and threw up once. I'm guessing now the throwing up was from sinus drainage because today is he coughing like crazy. His temp has gone from 102.9 when I first checked it a few hours ago, to 103.2 after giving him Tylenol. What's up with that?? Anyway, the cough medicine I gave him doesn't seem to be helping much either. I feel so bad for him. He has a headache and all over body aches. He keeps telling me he's cold, but obviously he's burning up. I have him in light PJs and let him use a blanket, but I'm sure that's contributing to the temp not coming down.

What a way to spend my two days off. I had plans to do lots of cleaning up around the house, but now I'm thinking I won't get to most of it. Tim has to work all weekend and he's been gone long days so I don't anticipate much help. Oh well, them's the breaks when you decide to have kids.

I just wanted to do a quick post, I'm off now to cuddle with Max and see if I can help him feel any better. I can hear Tim upstairs trying to get Alex back to sleep so I'm sure we are in for a long night!

Hope everyone reading has a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yikes! Time for an update!

Max has been having a good week. When I told him Monday morning that he was staying home from school he was so sad. But then we told him we were doing something special with him and he was cool with it. We did end up taking him to the indoor waterpark in Shipshewana. He had a blast. Afterwards we went for lunch at an Amish restaurant and headed home. We played for a bit and then headed out to get Alex. We've been talking since we moved about getting a sectional couch for the basement and now that taxes are on their way I decided it was time. So, we stopped and did that on the way home. 3 years same as cash so I'll probably take my time paying for it since we have other bills to get rid of first, but it was the best purchase ever. It arrived yesterday and we all love it already. I couldn't get a good picture because it's so big, but here is what I could get....

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Max has been behaving much better lately too. I think alot has to do with the changes that I've made as well. I am really loving this book that I'm reading about spirited kids. Not only am I learned ways to work with him, I'm learning alot about the way I work as well. I'm about half way through and I can't wait to finish it so I can read it again. I know that sounds silly, but I want to make sure I remember all this stuff and don't forget anything.

Even though he has been behaving, this week hasn't been without it's incidents. I got a call yesterday morning that there was an accident at school. Max and Cullen (of course) were playing and Cullen accidentally knocked Max down. When Max fell, he hit his forehead on the floor and got a huge bruise. They iced him up and he was fine, but they wanted to let me know. When I went to pick them up, darned if Alex didn't have a report of his own. He was in the infant room for awhile and pulled a high chair down on top of himself trying to climb into it. He also got a bump on the head, but his wasn't as bad. I guess I should be thankful that neither of them required stitches or a cast. I don't doubt that will come soon though.

Tonight is my 4th night in a row and I am beat!! I did sleep pretty well today though, so I'm hoping to make it through this one last shift. I have the next two nights off and then I work every night next week except Tuesday. YUCK!! Having a midweek break will definitely help though. And I really shouldn't complain because Tim is definitely getting the raw end of this deal. Alex is cutting his fourth tooth. You can see it, it just hasn't broken through. He has been up quite a bit every night. Tim doesn't have the "mommy" ability to fall right back to sleep so he's pretty tired too. And working longer hours than usual. If I don't get enough sleep, only I am to blame because at least the house is quiet and empty when I'm here. It's just too bright!

I guess for now I don't have much else to add. I'm sure I've missed something, but Lost is on and I need to get to watching it so my mind is there instead of here. Since I'm off all weekend I'll try to catch up better then.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SuperBowl Sunday

Not sure if there is a time stamp on this post, but if there is, you read it right. It's 4am and I am wide awake. I had to work at 11 and I'm having sinus issues to I took an allergy pill. It was slow so they sent me home, but my brain is racing so I can't sleep. I figured I should come post since I'm always too tired during the day.

First off I'll update on Max. The day after my last post he decided he wasn't staying at school when Tim got there to drop him off. I got home just before they left so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Tim told him he would have to stay in his room, no toys, to TV all day and he still chose to come home rather than stay there. Tim decided to stay home as well because A) he was mad and B) he knew I needed to sleep and wouldn't be able to enforce Max staying in his room. We sat down and had breakfast with him. Lots of questions trying to find out what in the world could be wrong that he didn't want to be there. His answer continues to be that Cullen doesn't like him, won't play with him, etc. After breakfast he spent 2.5 hours in his room while I slept. Tim said he came out for lunch and then went right back up for his nap. At lunch time Tim talked to him some more but he still didn't have much to say. I woke up when he was getting up from his nap. He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening reading books, coloring, and hanging out bored in the living room because we wouldn't let him play on his computer or watch cartoons. He couldn't wait to go back the next day!!

I talked to the director and his teacher when I went to pick up Alex. I was curious to see if they noticed something that maybe he didn't tell us about, or we didn't notice. Everyone is pretty confused, but Tim and I decided that having company two weekends in a row and lack of sleep probably had a lot to do with it. His teacher said that she has seen Cullen say things to Max that most kids would probably ignore, but Max just reacts more heavily. He is mean to all of the kids sometimes, but at the same time, he and Max have spurts where they love to play together and would be angry to be separated. She also said that Max seems to do really well in groups of 2 or 3, but when the whole class does something together he has a little harder time. He's also quite particular about change. He has "his" seat and if anyone else sits in it, he freaks out. A little OCD maybe? Haha! He's also very in tune with the daily schedule and lets Sarah know if she's falling behind. He can't even tell time, but he'll point out all day long that it's time to do such and such and she said he's usually right on the nose.

I've been reading Raising Your Spirited Child and it is all beginning to make sense. He is more perceptive, energetic, intense, and a few other things than most kids. I'm finding that only 100 pages in I understand him a whole lot better. If I can think before I speak, he and I could probably get along a lot better and I may be able to help him adapt to change and other issues better. I'm hoping I continue to get as much from this book as I read on as I have so far. I think Tim is even going to read it when I'm done. I'd love to have his teacher read it too, but I'm probably just going to have to convey the important parts to her. He did great the rest of the week and has been better at home too. I honestly think he figured if he came home he would get to play and have fun with mommy. We told him what would happen and we were very good about holding to that. But we didn't just ignore him either, we made sure to talk to him and get him to talk to us. We want him to know that we love him no matter what, but sometimes his actions aren't acceptable. He needed to test our threats and we passed, but it worked out for all parties involved.

Alex has been having a rough time the last few nights too. He had his 15 month well check on Tuesday. He is in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th for height. Little peanut! He had to have two shots and it's either those, teeth, or possibly another ear infection, but Tim said he has not been sleeping the last few nights. He wakes up crying quite often and isn't as consolable as he usually is. Normally we stick a pacifier in his mouth and he goes right back to sleep. When I got home tonight I checked on them first and Alex is sleeping cuddled up to Tim right now. It was so sweet. I'm hoping it's just teeth. He had a few days where he didn't eat very good. Add that to the crankiness and not sleeping and I'm thinking it is teeth. That's a good thing though because 3 just doesn't seem like enough for someone who likes to eat as much as he does.

I guess I don't have much else to update on. I'm pretty sure that Monday we are going to keep Max home from school and do something fun with him. I think he needs a mommy/daddy/Max day, and since it was Tim's idea we'll most likely do it. If he makes it through the next two nights, it will also be day #7 waking up dry so maybe we'll let him pick out a TV. I want to get him one with a timer and built in DVD player so we can control how much he is able to watch. I want to limit it to 30 minutes each night before bed, and he'll have to start going to bed earlier. I'm not sure he'll notice though and it will be a nice evening break for me. Tim also wants to take him to an indoor water park about an hour away from here so I'm sure that's where we will be heading.

Hmm, I need to post more often because I feel like I've been typing forever. If I updated more often I probably wouldn't have so much to talk about all at once. We have no plans for today other that watching football this evening but I should get to bed anyway. If I stay away for too long, let me know so I can get back in here quicker!