Friday, January 23, 2009

Another trip to the ER

And you guessed it, it was Alex again. He and Max were wrestling. Alex was the instigator as usual. Max finally got pissed off enough and shoved Alex. When he fell (I was on the computer and not watching) he must have landed on his left arm. He was favoring it like crazy, crying if I tried to touch it, and just basically freaking out. I called my mom and she said he definitely could have fractured it so off we went to the ER. Tim was still at work and not answering his phone, so all I could do was leave a message.

When we got there Alex was still obviously favoring his arm and not willing to let anyone touch it. They sent us to radiology for x-rays which was horrible and cool. Cool for Max because he got some neat stickers and was able to be in the room with us behind the glass. Horrible because I had to help hold Alex down while they manipulated his arm to get the pictures. Wouldn't you know, as soon as we were done and getting ready to head back to our room, he started moving his arm again and quit crying. I told the tech that he probably fixed it, but he said "NO way."

Sure enough, we got back and the doctor said there were no fractures that she could see. Being that he was using his arm at this point she said the tech probably manipulated the dislocation back into place when he was moving it around. Yay!!! Tim had called and was on his way so I had to call and tell him to just go home because we were on our way. I'm glad it was just dislocated, but dang, I am so sick of going to that hospital when it isn't for work!

I also got my hair cut today. It's pretty cute, much darker than normal, and very short. I couldn't get good pictures by myself and Max wasn't into helping, but here they are anyway...

Hope you like. I'm off to put the kids to bed now. Tomorrow we are heading up to Grand Rapids to see Uncle Bill, Uncle Rusty, and Krystle and mommy needs some rest!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Max on a Mission

So, tonight Tim made dinner and Alex had to help. He was using tongs to pick up pieces of chicken from the frying pan, helping stir, and just getting in the way. It was adorable to watch. Anyway, after dinner the rice pot was on the counter and he started pretending to add salt, stir, and taste. Tim grabbed the camera to take a few pictures and then I got a short video. Don't worry. I'll post them.

But first, I have to show you what I found on the camera when I went to upload those pictures. This was one of the first nights Alex was sick. Guess Max was bored when he woke up before everyone else.

(in the order found on the camera)

I swear I have never laughed so hard in my life. What an adorable kid! I love that he thought to take pictures of himself first and last. There were a few others that I deleted, but the quality was either really bad, or you couldn't see anything.

And, since I promised, here is Alex cooking.

He started out doing a lot better, but he was sorta over it by the time I started recording. Next time, I swear I'll get the camera right away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here's your update

I now have rotavirus! I could shoot my kid. I know it isnt' his fault, but if he was able to take care of himself I wouldn't have had to and then maybe I would still be healthy. I had to call in sick at work tonight which really ticked me off. First of all, I was just off for 7 weeks. I don't want more time off. Secondly, I just don't want it to get me into trouble. My boss said I was fine on points though and she would much rather I not come in with something so contagious.

Alex seems to be doing better, but he still can't go back to school until his diapers are "normal." Probably sometime early next week. I on the other hand will be going back to work as soon as I feel better. Hopefully by Sunday night! Maybe even tomorrow although I doubt that.

We had Max's 5 year appointment the other day. He did great. He hasn't gained any weight in the last year, but he is getting taller. Because of his ADHD meds and activity level, we weren't really surprised by the lack of weight gain. The doctor gave us ideas to help get some extra fat into him. Butter everything, whole milk, stuff like that. I'm going to give it a shot. Anything to put a little meat on his bones. His vision was perfect, but his hearing was questionable. Makes me wonder if we waited too long to get him tubes when he was younger. It also could have just been wax in his ears, but we will go to an audiologist next week just to be safe. The doctor was very impressed with Max's vocabulary and the fact that he is reading as much as he can. He tries so hard to sound out all of the words, but there are already so many words that he just knows from seeing them. It made me feel pretty good to hear that it wasn't normal. Haha!

Anyway, seems like things in the Prime house may never get back to normal. I hope that isn't true because I'm ready for some normalcy again soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Another hospital visit

And wouldn't you know, it's Alex again. Who else would it be??? LOL. He had a stomach bug over the weekend and couldn't keep anything down for the longest time. Then when he could, he still wasn't drinking much, not peeing, and just looking dehydrated. I took him to daycare this morning thinking he was better and now I feel really bad about that because he is obviously not better. Actually he is, but we are still in the hospital for dehydration. Ugh! I'm staying with him and Tim is at home with Max. Fortunately neither of us had to work.

So, here I sit, watching him sleep, hoping this works. I can't imagine why it wouldn't though because his labs looked great. His lack of a wet diaper does prove that he was at least a little dry though.

I'm off to read my book and hope to get a little sleep tonight. I'm sure I'll be back with an update tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Under Construction

Just wanted to let you know in case you couldn't tell by looking at it.

I just started back to work this week. Only one shift so far, but it has my sleep all messed up again.

Anyway, I was going to change my blog look and lost interest halfway through. I need to keep working on it and change my header picture but it's taking some creativity that I can't find. I promise to get to it soon, and also a new post with updates and stuff.

Love you!