Thursday, July 31, 2008

Woohoo!! Got my dress today!

And it looks soooo beautiful on me. I also bought a few other things for the big day while I was out today. Too bad I didn't get what I went to the hobby shop for and I have to go back out. GRR!

I guess I forgot to mention, but Max started a new bottle of meds on Sunday. We have noticed a significant drop in their effectiveness this week so automatically assumed it was maybe a bad batch or something. However the pharmacy said if that was the case there would be a recall and they haven't had ADHD meds recalled in a long time. Sooo, next I had to call the doctor. He (and I guess kinda us) decided that it may just be a coincidence that it was a new bottle and that he probably was on the smallest dose just long enough for his body to adjust and now it's not working as well. I'll go with that. I had to pick up a new prescription today and hope he shows some improvement over the weekend. If no change by Monday I can get a higher dose, but I hate to max out too soon and then have to switch to something else. When the Concerta was working, it was amazing!! Max has been an awesome and well behaved kid for the last month.

I'd love to stick around and talk more details, but I just remembered a meeting I have at work in 30 minutes. Unfortunately I thought I had one more day before attending. Good thing I checked my e-mail.

More updates to come so keep checking!

Monday, July 28, 2008

11 Days and counting

And I'm beginning to think this is never all going to work. There are so many little details that keep popping up. Then I don't write them down and forget what they are. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed the last few days, but I'm working, home alone with the kids, or taking them fun places (more about that in a minute) so I'm not getting anything done. I really need to make a list and get focused by my days off towards the end of this week. I leave a week from tomorrow for my mom's so it all needs to be done by then!!

So, yesterday we took the kids to Indiana Beach. Not really what it sounds like. It's more of an amusement park. Alex and I hung out in the shops, walked the boardwalk, and played in the water that splashes out of the log boat ride. He had a blast. Max and Tim got to ride on the rides all day long. Alex and I did join them for the haunted house tour. Let me tell you, that was hilarious!! Alex jumped a mile the first few times something jumped out at us or made scary noises, but once he settled he was soooo interested in whatever it was. He kept doing the surprised face which I love. By the end I think he was ready to go again. Max on the other hand cried like a baby (well, whined) that he was scared and wanted to hurry up and get out of there. By the time we got to the end he was begging to go in again. I don't get that kid. All in all it was a great day!! Very busy and a little expensive, but I can see us doing it again. The only problem was the kids both being too small for most of the water park so we skipped it. I think I would have really enjoyed that. Tim said he can't wait for next year to take Max to Cedar Point when he'll be big enough to ride everything.

We have errands to run and haircuts to get today so we are heading out shortly to go get the kids. I really should have slept longer, but Tim is used to me telling him not to let me sleep past one (when I'm off the next night) so he got me up a little early. No big deal, except it was my first of 3 in a row. I'm hoping to VEX (volunteer off) tomorrow, but we have so many people on vacation or calling off so I don't know if it'll happen. I just want a few days to get stuff done. I guess I can nap tonight before I go back in too. I got a great little nap last night!

I guess that's about all for right now. I'm slightly scatterbrained with all thats going on so sorry if I missed anything and you can be sure I'll be back!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Shit!!!!

I'm getting married in 15 days. Our rehearsal is in 2 weeks and 20 minutes. I can't believe how quickly this came up. I'm so excited, a little stressed and so happy all at the same time.

Work has been crazy this week which is why I haven't been around. Even now I should be leaving to go get the kids, but I wanted to at least post something first. I'm soooo late on pictures from the trip to Debbie's house, but if you check out dropshots they are all there. Well, most of them. Since there were 4 of us with cameras we had quite a few doubles, triples, and quadruples.

Thinks are going well, with the exception of it being so busy at work. Max decided yesterday that he wants next week to be his last week of gymnastics so I won't be signing him up for the fall session. He really would like to do Karate or some version of that so I'm going to start looking into it soon. The schools around here open back up on July 30th so I'm going to look into a preschool or pre-k for him too. I think he would really like "real" school and it would be cheaper for us than having him in a daycare. We shall see what I find out though. It really stinks that he can't just go to kindergarden.

I guess I should run now, Love you all and can't wait to see those of you that are coming to the wedding!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I should be sleeping, but....

Why is it so stinking hard to pick our first dance song??? Maybe because we have been together for a million years already. I thought I knew what I wanted but I keep changing my mind and Tim is no help what so ever. Anyone have any suggestions?? Actually, it's more of a vote I'm looking for. Maybe I'll do a poll on the sidebar. I gotta do something quick!!

Just got back yesterday from spending 2.5 days with Debbie, Dawn and Heather! What a blast. We really did have a lot of fun. I have details and pictures to share, but for now I really must take a nap because it's almost time to get ready for work. Check in for that during the next few days!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Old News....but

Wednesday I got to take a nice little trip to the pediatrician with Alex. Daycare called me just before noon to say he was crankier than normal and not really using his left arm. All I could think of was the 2nd degree sunburn that he has on his shoulders, or the fact that he slept all screwy on our pillow the night before. I went to pick him up and realized it was probably worse than I thought. He wasn't using it at all, screamed when you touched it, and flinched any time I tried to pick him up. I took him in. The doctor initially thought nursemaid's elbow (dislocation) but he wasn't acting exactly like that. She did x-rays just in case and the x-ray definitely showed that it was dislocated. She did the maneuver that they do to put it back into place. It didn't pop like it should have, but darned if he wasn't grabbing for stuff and moving around like normal the instant she finished. I'm happy that experience is over. The only problem is that now that its happened, its more likely to happen again in the future. Still no idea what happened. It could have been someone wrestling with him at diaper change time, him falling on the playground, any number of things. All I know is that I hope it was a fluke and I never have to go through seeing him in pain like that again.

In other news, I got canceled once this week and was able to volunteer myself off another night. AWESOME!! The only problem with that is now I have to burn some vacation time. I guess it's worth it though. Especially having last night off since Tim worked all day today and I have to go in tonight.

Tomorrow after I wake up we are heading to IL to see Debbie, Dawn, and Heather!! Heather moved to PA just before we left the DC area so we haven't seen her in ages. It's going to be a fun time. I just wish all the rambler girls could be there! You can be sure I'll have plenty of pictures from this trip! When I get home I'll have to work 4 nights straight again, including the weekend. I don't mind all in a row like that, its actually easier, but I sure hope Tim can be off next Saturday so I can get some sleep!

Wedding plans seem to just be getting more and more solid. I still haven't talked to the DJ, but Russ talked to him last night and he's still planning on being there. My awesome cousin Jody has already wrapped the silverware so we don't have to worry about that last minute and Tim's mom has been picking up cute little decoration stuff whenever she sees something cute and cheap! It's going to be awesome. The only detail I sorta forgot was video. I'm hoping I can talk my brother Rusty into doing something, even if its just on his camera and we upload it to the computer. I'm not sure any of us has a decent camcorder, but I would love to have something to share with my friends who are unable to make it. Less than 4 weeks and counting! I can't wait!!

Hmm, one other thing I forgot. Alli, our neighbor and babysitter, is having surgery in Chicago on Tuesday of next week. She has scoliosis and it needs to be fixed so they are putting rods in her back. Please pray for her if you think about it!! I'm sure everything will go well. We are counting on her feeling well enough to come to the wedding and help out with the boys. She won't be able to pick up Alex, but if we can get him ok with that, she will be an amazing help! I'd much rather it be someone the boys love and trust than a stranger they probably wouldn't listen to. Here is Alli's caringbridge website in case you'd like to visit.

I guess that's about all I have for now. I need to get Max to bed so I can take a nap before I head off to work for the night. Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

I turned 32 yesterday and I am so excited about that. I've never much liked being odd numbers so yesterday marked a good turn. Last year was not the greatest. Living apart from Tim sucked, Alex in the ER with the aqua dot scare, not liking working nights, and on and on. This year is going to be much better!!! I'm also getting married in one month and I'm more excited than ever.

Yesterday Tim and I went and applied for our marriage license. We also rented his tux, ordered Clay's and went to meet with the pastor who is going to marry us. He is a huge UofM fan so we liked him immediately. He asked why we waited so long to get married and obviously I had to defer to Tim. He had me sweating bullets for a few minutes that the pastor might decide not to marry us, but in the end his honesty won him over and he is glad that we are finally doing this. He has already sent me a copy of the ceremony so I can make programs and I really think its going to be beautiful. We also met with my mom when she got out of work to order flowers. My bouquet changed alot from what I had originally planned, but I love what I decided to go with. I really think this is going to be an amazing wedding considering it was supposed to be small and intimate.

Today I slept most of the day. Much needed sleep since I've been sick, going to bed late, and the kids getting up early. We had to wake them up for school this morning which is completely unheard of. I think staying up late on the drive home helped, and neither of them budged when we got home and carried them to bed last night. I'm sure playing in the pool with their cousins and grandma's house helped a little too. They were both so well behaved all weekend, including on the 4th.

Speaking of the 4th, I guess I never wrote about that either. Tim went out and bought a ton of fireworks. The big ones are legal in IN and we've never been able to have such cool ones before. Two of the neighbors also went in together and bought tons more. We had a very nice cookout with Dave, Cindy, and Alli, as well as Cindy's sister, and another couple from the neighborhood. Both kids stayed up later than they ever have before, but they really were good. Until Max's meds wore off and he wouldn't sit still that is. He drove me kinda crazy, but I know he had fun and that's the important part. It was an awesome 4th of July that's for sure. I hope we can repeat it for years to come.

I have tons of pictures on my camera right now that I need to post, but I need to jump in the shower so we can go get the kids. I'll try to get to that tonight if I can. I'm back to work for 5 nights in a row though, so I may take a nap instead. We shall see. Look for them though because they'll be out soon!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I promise to come back soon!!