Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on me

I can't believe I forgot to mention it, but after two years of being a mother/baby nurse, I am now getting my opportunity to train as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I've been at it for two weeks now and I'm loving every second of it. Most days have been pretty busy which is great for learning. I feel like I'm picking up certain things fairly quickly, and it's taking much longer on other things. I definitely can't imagine ever doing it all on my own, but I guess I will be in about 5 weeks. Wish me luck.

Last weekend my friend Debbie and her two boys came for a visit! The kids had a blast together! We painted and carved pumpkins, made gingerbread scary houses, and spent some time at the book store. Debbie and I got to veg and enjoy each other's company. I did, however, fall asleep on her the night we were supposed to be drinking and having fun. Oops! Hopefully she forgives me.

My mom and dad are here this weekend for Grandparent's day at Max's school. As an added bonus, his class is singing tomorrow morning in church so they are going to go to that as well.  Next week it's grandma and Aunt Shannon and then Halloween weekend Uncle Rusty is coming. It has been a busy month, but we are loving it. It's nice to not be so alone on a long Saturday when Tim has to work.

I'm sure I have more video and pictures, but I'm in desperate need of the couch to lay on and my book to read. I'm heading in that direction now, but I'll be back. You can see I'm doing better lately at writing, right?

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Insane Child

Had a great weekend with my friend Debbie and her boys, but not enough time to write about those details just now. I have a video to share with you proving that Alex is certifiable! I swear if he makes it to his teen years we will be lucky.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I made pancakes!

I know this makes me sound like a horrible mother, but I have never made pancakes for my kids before. I did do waffles about a week ago and those turned out ok, so when they asked for pancakes tonight I decided to give it a shot. I must say, they turned out pretty ok. Neither boy is complaining and they are upstairs eating pancakes and fruit as I type.

Yay me!!

On a normal note, I have almost completed my first week of labor training. I LOVE it!!! I have sooooo much to learn, but I really feel like I'm going to do ok! I hope so anyway, I'll keep you updated on how its going.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

As you can see

I'm still playing with my template. I keep thinking I have a great idea, but then when I get it on here I hate it. Don't be surprised if you see it change again soon because I hate it the way it is now!

Too busy watching the Lions lose to play around any longer today though!

PS, I've lost my blog roll list a few times now and I'm not sure I'm replacing them all each time I redo this thing. Please post a comment with your blog name if I can display you here!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I know you think I'm a slacker....

But look what we have been up to.

We've been talking about it for ages but one day I finally decided to go out and buy the paint. One thing led to another and now it looks amazing!! Still a few things to add/change, and I've done a few things since these pictures were taken, but right now we love the basement. I've decided I want to do the whole house. Just one room at a time until we are done. No idea where I will go next. I know what I want to do in the kitchen, but I think I'd rather wait til I have some money so I can do it right. That leaves bedrooms or bathrooms. We shall see.

Speaking of bedrooms, we got a new bed too. We have had our mattress set since before Max was born, but never a frame. I was at an antique store with a girlfriend and found this baby for $100. It ended up being $300 after delivery and getting two guys to help us move it upstairs, but it was still 100% worth it.

The boys have been doing great. Alex started a new daycare right before labor day. It's the same company, just a different location. He is doing amazing there. He's potty training...for them...and learning so much. He's doing much better with his behavior too, although he's still a little monster.

Max loves kindergarten. He already has a sub for a few weeks because his teacher had surgery on her knee. We were worried that the change would throw him off but he handled it very well. He's a little too talkative, but otherwise doing well in class and is doing amazing with his writing. Before this year his fine motor skills left much to be desired. I think a big part of his problem is that he'd rather be reading than anything else.

Speaking of reading, I think I mentioned it, but Max has been reading for a long time now. A friend from work loaned me a Geronimo Stilton book last week. It's a chapter book for kids 9-12, but has tons of pictures. Max would never read chapter books because he didn't like anything without pictures. Wouldn't you know, he has 4 of his own now and loves them! I still can't believe my 5 year old is reading chapter books and that he taught himself!

Have I discussed Alex and his love for food? I know I've posted videos of him cooking before. My newest story is about broccoli. He LOVES it! We were at the farmers market a few weeks ago and he had a big soft pretzel, and gummy bears. That was not enough though. When we walked passed a booth with broccoli he started screaming that he wanted some. Of course I had to buy it. People thought I was crazy for not wanting my 2 year old to eat something healthy. Anyway, Tim cooked it up when we got it home and here is Alex devouring it.

There is another video so see dropshots to watch that one as well.

I think that's about all I have for now. I feel like that's a pretty good catch up. I'll promise once again to try to be better about updating! I'm on a weight loss mission right now so maybe as I'm tracking that I can post about it and it'll give me something else to talk about!

Until next time!