Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on me

I can't believe I forgot to mention it, but after two years of being a mother/baby nurse, I am now getting my opportunity to train as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I've been at it for two weeks now and I'm loving every second of it. Most days have been pretty busy which is great for learning. I feel like I'm picking up certain things fairly quickly, and it's taking much longer on other things. I definitely can't imagine ever doing it all on my own, but I guess I will be in about 5 weeks. Wish me luck.

Last weekend my friend Debbie and her two boys came for a visit! The kids had a blast together! We painted and carved pumpkins, made gingerbread scary houses, and spent some time at the book store. Debbie and I got to veg and enjoy each other's company. I did, however, fall asleep on her the night we were supposed to be drinking and having fun. Oops! Hopefully she forgives me.

My mom and dad are here this weekend for Grandparent's day at Max's school. As an added bonus, his class is singing tomorrow morning in church so they are going to go to that as well.  Next week it's grandma and Aunt Shannon and then Halloween weekend Uncle Rusty is coming. It has been a busy month, but we are loving it. It's nice to not be so alone on a long Saturday when Tim has to work.

I'm sure I have more video and pictures, but I'm in desperate need of the couch to lay on and my book to read. I'm heading in that direction now, but I'll be back. You can see I'm doing better lately at writing, right?


Debbie said...

Glad your loving the new responsibilities at work!! Of course I forgive you ;)

Shannon said...

I can't wait to hear all about the new responsibilities at work. I also want to thank you in advance for letting me visit.

Mom2Max&Alex said...

Shannon, no thanks are necessary. You are welcome here any time you want to make the trip!! I can't wait to see you! Only 3 more days!!

Anonymous said...

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