Monday, July 30, 2007

Another long day

So, I feel like I don't have much to say today even though we did a lot yesterday. Max rode a pony and several other rides. Alex loved the otters and could have watched them play all day. The Ft. Wayne zoo was awesome in the respect that all the animals seemed to be out and active. Something we haven't run into a lot lately. Too hot most of the time I guess. He was really good considering he had no nap and it was a 2 hour drive from South Bend.

Today we did a whole bunch of nothing. Out for breakfast and then to the park. Back to the hotel for naptime and then we just hung out waiting for Tim to get out of his meeting. After the meeting we went to the mall and let Max play in the play area. They both got haircuts too. Lastly was dinner at Famous Dave's. I've never been there because I hate ribs, but man is their food good.

Now we are just sitting around waiting for Max to fall asleep and watching Big Love. Makes me miss HBO even more because I've missed a few episodes. If we don't get a house with our satellite back soon I think I'll go insane.

So, told you there wasn't much to talk about. As much as I love to ramble and talk, I just don't have it in me tonight. I think I blew it all last night. I will be around tomorrow though and hopefully I'll have plenty to tell from the beach.

Here is a picture to sign off with!
My boys at the zoo!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I wanted to write every night

But tonight I'm paying for the internet by the minute so this is going to just be a check in. As you can see I'm quite long winded. You get a break todayWinking 9.

Just wanted to say, we drove to Ft. Wayne, IN to the children's zoo there. Max had a blast and he was almost an angel. A few mishaps, but for the most part, really well behaved. Alex just sits in the stroller so I don't think he cares on way or another. I'll probably do two posts tomorrow to make up for the missed on tonight, but I'll also have some pictures to share if I can figure out how to get them in here!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

In South Bend

So, it was a long trip, but we are finally in South Bend with Tim. Today was a long day all around. We got up early and played for a little while. Took Max to grandma's so I could go to Sam's with my dad. We got there ok, but then he realized he didn't have his card. I needed to go to Walmart anyway so since it was right next door I headed there while he ran home to get his other wallet. Stocked up on baby food and diapers just in time to meet him back at Sam's. he still couldn't find his card so they gave us a temporary, but he had to run back to Walmart to buy a giftcard because neither of us had a method of payment that they would take. Yikes! It was a very good shopping trip though. When we got home I packed for the trip and then went back to pick up Max. All I wanted to do as I got on the road was close my eyes and take a nap. Obviously couldn't do that and now that I could go to bed, I'm pretty wide awake and wishing I had a pop. I might just have to run down the hall and get one.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach so I should have some pictures to share. Max is really looking forward to it and I think Alex would be too if he had any clue. He was crazy boy when we got here tonight. Crawling and cruising all over the room. Anything he could get into, he did. His new favorite thing to do is stand up on Tim's computer CPU and stick his fingers in the fan. Fortunately the blades are rubber so it doesn't cut him, but he thinks its funny so he keeps doing it. Crazy kid.

I don't have much new to talk about so I'm just kinda rambling. I called my mom tonight when we got here to let her know we made it safely. She said work called and wanted to see if I could cover a call off tonight. I know they were already down a person too because there was a shift I could have picked up, but I had no babysitter. Oh well. It's nice that they call alot though. I'm happy to pick up whatever they need me to. The money is great and I might just get out of the hole I've dug for myself the last month or so. My first paycheck paid back my brother, my mom, and paid for daycare. It's nice to have a little cash again.

I just called to check the messages at home and it looks like one person was supposed to show the house today. I really hope to hear something soon!! I'm really thinking since I'm happy with my new job the house will sell. Murphy's Law is always there for me. Why can't it work this time?? Every time my phone rings I pray it's our realtor telling us that someone has made an offer. I hear from a friend who lives in the DC area that the market is supposed to pick up soon. Hopefully she heard right.

Haha, I just thought of something else. Max has been saying some of the funniest things lately. He has dreams alot and definitely remembers them. Today he was talking about Underdog coming into his room and helping him fly out of bed. He also told Tim all about Shark Boy and Lava girl when we got here because he watched it today with grandma. But that wasn't the funny thing. He "borrowed" a doll from grandma's house. It has green long hair and a green toile dress. Kinda cute. He calls her his baby. He named her Evie after Jay and Kelly's baby. After he told me her name, he asked if Jay and Kelly got Evie from the hospital like we got Alex from the hospital. I told him they did. He said that hospital has good babies and can we go back there and get a sister. Not sure what has made him want a sister so badly, but this is the second or third time he has brought it up recently. I, of course, would love to give him one. Even better would be to give him another brother although I'm not sure he'd be happy with that. Tim cringes at the mention, though. He just says "whatever" and lets it drop. As much as I love my boys, and get driven crazy by them, I really do feel like we should have one more. I guess once things are more settled, we have a place to live, and Max is in preschool I can try working on him again. For right now, however, I've resigned to the fact that Tim is done. Or at least thinks he is. I can be quite persuasive since he really didn't want kids at all and I've already talked him into two.

So, I've talked about a whole lot of everything and nothing tonight so I should end here. Tomorrow will hopefully be more exciting!! Have a great night!

Friday, July 27, 2007

So tired tonight

I worked again today which is awesome for me. However, Max got up too early this morning and I never took a nap so I'm beat. After work we headed over to grandma's and out for ice cream. Alex LOVES ice cream. Max likes it ok, but he'd rather give his to his brother and just eat the cone. Grandma also order him some cheese sticks. Man did he eat those up. I was almost surprised that he liked them, but he'll eat any cheese so I shouldn't have been shocked.

Tomorrow is a big day. Shopping at Sam's Club in the morning with Papa and then we are packing up to head down to South Bend. It has been two weeks since we've seen Tim so it's about time. I plan on leaving sometime during the late afternoon, after we spend a little time with grandma. Nana has so much going on we may not see her at all, and grandpa is fishing. Sunday's plan is to head to the beach on Lake Michigan in Indiana. The boys will love it. We went once before, but didn't really have all the "stuff" we needed to make the beach great. This time we'll go prepared.

So, last night before bed I gave Alex some Motrin and his Zantac. He definitely slept better so I'm going to have to do that again tonight. I meant to earlier, but he's sleeping now so whenever he wakes up. I am guessing it's only a matter of time since 11 is his normal time to get up. I have never looked forward to something more than him sleeping through the night. I'm ready, and he needs to start soon, but I fear it's going to be years.

I guess that's about all I have for now. I could probably keep rambling, but I don't want to bore anyone when I just got this blog started. Especially when I don't have all that much to say. See you tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

If your friends jump off a bridge.......

So, my friends all decided to start blogs and I decided it was probably a good idea for me to do too. Especially since my boys are doing so many new things each day and daddy is currently so far away. Maybe now we can keep track of who's doing what and when.

First off, Alex is 9 months old today. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. It didn't seem to race like this when Max was a baby. I guess it's different when you only have one though. He started clapping a few days ago. I've been a little behind on letting him eat himself with small pieces, so I'm trying to catch him up. Whenever he hit his mouth I would clap and say YAY! The other day, he got a cracker in his mouth (that he found on the floor), turned to look up at me, and clapped his hands together 3 times. It was priceless to see the smile on his face. He does it now whenever he does something he is proud of. So cute! He is also climbing on everything! That is a new one for me. Max was a crazy walker and liked to get into everything, but he didn't climb until he was much older. Alex gets on things and then either falls down or cries because he realizes he can't get down. He still doesn't have any teeth which suits me just fine, but he sure does love to eat and I think it will open up a whole new world when he can finally bite and chew things. As good as he eats, though, he is a horrible sleeper. He won't go down unless you hold him to sleep, and he usually wakes up within seconds of being laid down. He takes approximately 2-3 30 minute naps per day and is up every two hours at night. I swear I'm going to pull my hair out soon.

Max is doing really well too. Although at 3 he is quite a monster. He loves to talk back, beat on his brother, and just get into general 3 year old trouble. I so look forward to him turning 4 because I've heard that's the magical age when they start to get a little bit better. He is riding a bike now pretty regularly, but he isn't too steady so I think he might use training wheels until he's 10. ;) He seems so lonesome most days which just breaks my heart. I almost wish sometimes that I had stayed in VA so he could go to daycare everyday and be with his friends. We've had a few occasions where he got to play with his cousin, Splendid, and he has such a good time. They really are a perfect pair. I look forward to the house selling so we can get into a new routine and maybe get him into preschool. He loves playing on the computer and is really good at most games on and playhousedisney. I'm not very good at sharing with him though. He is amazing with his colors, shapes, letters, and most numbers. He is just now getting into wanting to trace letters and numbers in a book. I hope to get him writing soon, even if it's only his name. I feel like he's a bit behind there but he has never much liked to color or draw so he doesn't get much practice. He still loves books and wants to read or be read to all day long. He is getting really good at making up stories to sit and tell you also. Makes for fun bedtimes!

As far as the house goes, it's still for sale and we get a few lookers here and there. Nothing to write home about though because no one ever makes an offer. GRR! Tim and I have been living in separate states now since April and I'm just about over it. If we don't get a house and move back in together soon, I might just lose my sanity. While I'm waiting for all that to take place, I got a job at the hospital with my mom. I'm per diem since I will only be there temporarily, but I'm loving it. I'm learning quite a bit of new things which is awesome, but I still feel really overwhelmed because it is so different from the hospital I was at in Fairfax. I'm sure right about the time I finally figure out what I'm doing, our house will sell, we'll move, and I'll have to start all over again in Indiana. Them's the breaks I guess.

I think this is probably good for my first post. I'm getting sleepy and since Alex will be up to eat soon I should get to bed. I used to love keeping a journal when I was a kid and this is even better. Hopefully I can be a good girl and keep up with it. For the kids if nothing else! Night!