Sunday, July 12, 2009

Max rode a two wheeler today!

Can't say it was the first time, because we've had him try a few other times, but today he did it, and he did it well. No falling at the first sign of a curve, being able to turn and stop. He was awesome. I was so proud of him. I think in my frustration trying to teach him before I gave him the idea that he wasn't capable of riding without training wheels. I feel really guilty about that so I tried my best to talk him up and tell him how awesome he was going to be. Tim and I both congratulated him and told him how proud we are of him and that he should be proud of himself. The kid could not stop smiling. It was adorable!! We took him for ice cream afterward and to him that was more fun..but whatever.

Anyway, that was my excitement for the day. Yesterday I had the kids out in their new pool. They played for quite awhile before I decided to get the camera so I don't have much, but they definitely had fun. I wish we had a big pool. Next house for sure!

Hmm, what else to talk about. Have I mentioned we got mountain bikes? I'm pretty sure I did. When we first went out it was just a regular bicycle trail. Easy, but turned me into a whiner. Haha! Last Monday he took me back to Potato Creek and we did the mountain bike trail. Holy crap did I not know what I was getting myself into. It was all out in the woods on a foot wide trail with tree roots and rocks everywhere. I ended up having tons of fun, but for the first 3 or 4 miles I was totally freaked out that I would fall and kill myself. Tim talked me through all that by telling me that I was in control, not the bike. When I finally believed him it got alot easier. It was a 6.6 mile trail and fortunately the second 3 went much faster than the first. I can honestly say I need to do that "easy" trail again before I take on anything more difficult, but I love that we are getting into biking!

I feel like I should update on Alex too. What can I say, Alex is Alex.....and he's 2.5. I hate 2.5. He is whiny, cries at the drop of a hat and I'm pretty sure he does it on cue to get what he wants. Makes me absolutely insane. He throws tantrums and expects everyone to do what he wants when he wants it. He is also extremely bossy, but when he's yelling orders it's quite clear he's been listening to Tim and I giving orders to Max. It's pretty funny, but not all at the same time. I love that he is still my little cuddle bug, but I'm ready for him to grow up just a little and be able to use words rather than whines to tell me what he wants. Max picked up on that a whole lot quicker than Alex seems to be. He will still eat pretty much anything you put in front of him, but for some strange reason he wants nothing to do with a few items that normal kids would love. It's too cute. He prefers broccoli to ice cream. It's very strange to someone like me to doesn't like much of anything.
Here is a video of him, both kids actually, at the park today. You can hear Alex bossing Tim around.

Well, I guess I'm just making small talk now. Not much else to talk about that I can think of off the top of my head. I've got some videos uploading now and they'll be ready before I finish this post. See a few others at the picture/video link to the right. I couldn't wait for them all ;) Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just realized...

That I never told the details of cutting off my finger and I'm sure people are wondering. I was slicing cucumbers on a mandolin that night, getting ready to leave for work. For some reason I knew I was getting close to needing to move my hand, but I didn't. The rest is history. I grabbed the phone and went to the sink. Called Tim first as I was running cold water on it. That just made the sting worse. I seriously thought I would die from the pain. Tim said keep pressure and eventually it would stop bleeding. Yeah, um, it didn't, no matter what I did. Called work (I was mandated off anyway, thankfully) and then my mom. She said it sounded like I would need to go in and have either gel foam put on to get the bleeding to stop, or silver nitrate. Wouldn't you know those were the two options the doctor offered. Luckily the foam worked and I didn't need the silver nitrate. At my mom's urging, I got the tip of my finger on ice and took it with me. The doc said it would make a great biological dressing if I let him sew it back on, but that it would not survive and would still turn black and die. Um, NO THANKS!! I opted not to go through having it stitched back on, but now I'm wishing I had. I didn't realize how painful it would be to have all those nerve endings exposed. I leave it open to air at home and cover it when I go out. Seems to be healing and the pain comes and goes. I'd rather it just go.

So, there you have it. The reason Tim doesn't let me cook, and keeps me away from all of his good kitchen stuff ;). I am a complete idiot when it comes to the kitchen. Lesson learned. It'll be a long time before I cut anything again!

We had an awesome 4th of July but those details will have to come tomorrow. I'm a day late and a dollar short with everything lately. There are tons of pictures, but they are still on the camera so I'm going to try to get to that tomorrow.

Have a good night!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just in case you were wondering

My finger is finally feeling better! I seriously think that was the worst pain I have ever felt for the first few days.

Otherwise I don't have a whole lot to talk about. I did get my birthday present early though! Tim has been dying to get us "good" bikes so we finally went today and picked a set out. Then we drove to Potato Creek which is a state park near here. We road for about an hour and a half and I'm thinking now that I may not be able to sit tomorrow. I'm excited though. Tim wants to make us an extreme couple to get us out of the house more!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I love July 4th. Almost as much as Christmas if not more. We will probably just hang out with the kids during the day. In the evening we are doing a cookout with a few of the neighbors and then fireworks in the backyard. Tim and Dave are going to get them tonight so I'm hoping they come back with a few hours worth ;) Haha! I'm guessing once they get drunk the time it takes to light them will get longer and longer. We had so much fun last year so I'm sure it'll be tons of fun again this year! Plus, I'm looking forward to the yummy food!

I'm sure I'll have pictures to post tomorrow. I need to head to bed soon for tonight.